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size queen dildos

Size Queens!

These Size Queen dildos are made from a special unscented transparent jelly material. It is called ThermoPlastic Rubber or TPR. TPR is a realistic sex toy material that feels as close to the real thing as possible. Hence, these Queens are a realistic style penis with testicles. Furthermore, they have a sturdy suction cup base.

Available in 6, 8 and 10 inches of insertable lengths. A flared base means they are completely safe for anal play. In addition, they can be easily teamed with a harness for strap-on fun. These Size Queens are a product that is perfect for the discerning individual.

A veined shaft flexes and bends for multi-directional positioning. Assuring a lifelike experience like no other. Since they have a fixed suction cup on the base, they can be stuck to any smooth non-porous surface. These dildos are well made and can bring on good sensations for depth lovers.

#305204 Size Queen Dildo, 6in, Pink measures: 8in or 20.25cm (overall), 6in or 15.25cm x 1.5in or 3.75cm (shaft), 9in or 22.75cm (scrotum circumference), 5.25in or 13.25cm (shaft circumference.)
Also available in blue #305205

#305208 Size Queen Dildo, 8in, Blue measures: 10in or 25.5cm (overall), 8in or 20.25cm x 1.75in or 4.5cm (shaft), 10.25in or 26cm (scrotum circumference), 5.5in or 14cm (shaft circumference.)
Also available in purple #305209

#305212 Size Queen Dildo, 10in, Purple measures: 12in or 30.5cm (overall), 10in or 25.5cm x 2in or 5cm (shaft), 9.75in or 24.75cm (scrotum circumference), 6in or 15.25cm (shaft circumference.)