Choker, Gothic Heart Chain, Black

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Gothic Heart Chain Choker

The Gothic Heart Chain Choker will add a dark, alluring, sexy look to your ensemble. A choker necklace is easily the one most sexualized piece of jewelry in history. The choker is common among those into Gothic fashion styles. Hence, there are numerous styles on the market offering a variety for you to choose from.

This heart and chain choker adjusts from 13in or 33.02cm to 14.5in or 36.83cm. It is made from durable PU leather. Furthermore, it has a dark coloured metal chain and a glossy black, diamond accented, heart in the middle. Finally, it has an adjustable snap closure to fit most.

For anyone who appreciates high-fashion, chokers are regal. During the Victorian Era, queens loved wearing chokers, and these accessories made them powerful. Essentially, chokers have been worn by some of the biggest fashion icons across generations, which makes them hot and popular. As well as, they make the wearer feel great.

If you are into the goth lifestyle, it is obvious that you can easily recognize someone else who is into the same style as yourself. As a result, the choker creates this deep sense of belonging, which could be the other reason why it is regarded as one of the hottest pieces of jewelry or accessory in history.

Measures: 15in or 38.1cm (total length)

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