Fuck Sauce, Coconut, 60ml

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Coconut Fuck Sauce

Coconut Fuck Sauce has arrived!  Are you ready for Juicier Junk? In fact, isn’t everything better with sauce on it? This water-based lubricant will have you coming back for more delicious licks. Arouse the senses and provide pure, erotic stimulation with this lubricant. In addition, enhance your oral experience.

The premium water-based formula from Calexotics is infused with 100% edible flavoring. Furthermore, it has an arousing light warming effect. The super-slick lubricant is moisturizing, long lasting and leaves skin lickable and soft. The edible flavoring is natural and sugar-free.

Fuck Sauce is pH-friendly and safe for all skin types. In addition, it is free from artificial fragrances and colorants. Keep your sexcapdes friction-free, sleek and sensual. To begin with, apply a small amount of flavor-infused lube to desired area to lubricate. Then, reapply as needed. This lubricant washes away with warm water.

Contains 60ml/2oz

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