Joyboxx and Playtray, Purple

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Joyboxx and Playtray

The Joyboxx and Playtray are ideal for storing your sex toys, lubricant, and cleansers. This box is ideal for keeping your adult play things safe, stored, and clean. In addition to making them easily portable. Thus, helping you to transport them to a final pleasure destination.

In addition, there is a non-locking top compartment for quick access to smaller items like batteries and condoms. Also, there is a convenient USB size hole around back that will allow you to connect a rechargeable device inside to a charger. Included is a removable Joyboxx Play tray. Use this accessory in or out of the box to keep items raised up off most surfaces, and well ventilated.

This sex toy box features unique antimicrobial materials that are safe, hygienic, and free from phthalates, PVC, and BPA. JoyBoxx can hold all sort of things, from your favorite vibrator to your toothbrush. Whatever is inside will be protected from microbes that cause mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. In addition to, dust and dirt. Ventilation holes help wet or damp items to dry discreetly. Whilst, two lock-up options keep the contents a secret and untouched by anyone but you.

On average, it will fit up to eleven small to mid-sized sex toys. However, large wands, will not fit. The Joyboxx and Playtray can be easily cleaned with antibacterial soap and warm water.

Measures: 11.25in or 28.58cm (long) x 5.5in or 13.97cm (deep) x 3.5in or 8.89cm (high)

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