Scandal Double Paddle, Round

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Engage in a little impact play with the Scandal Double Paddle

The plush Scandal Double Paddle is perfect for beginners and, experienced players alike. Do you have nights when you feel a bit extra naughty? Then, perhaps it is time you unleash your desires with sensual impact play.

If you have ever had a partner playfully whip your hip with the towel after a steamy shower, or slap your backside during sex, then you have engaged in impact play! Impact play is any practice that involves one person receiving impact by another person for the sake of gratification. Impact play is typically considered an element of BDSM. However, a little thudded play can be for anyone!

With the this Round Double Paddle you can effortlessly deliver a light spank or a stinging slap. This is a plush dual layer paddle. Hence, it is designed with a sturdy handle, a leatherette interior and a gorgeous silky brocade exterior. Surely, your Submissive partner will obey your every command as this dual paddle delivers powerful clapping slaps. Subsequently, it might be time to unleash those naughty desires. And, enjoy an evening of uninhibited pleasure play.

Measures: 11in or 28cm x 5in or 12.75cm (paddle)

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