The Gripper, Deep Ass

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Gripper Deep Ass by Calexotics

The Gripper Deep Ass is a male masturbation device. This stoker has a closed end. Thus, offering the best possible suction. You can certainly improve your sexual encounters with or without a partner by using these toys. This Gripper measures seven inches long. And, offers full coverage of your most enjoyable area.

The Gripper Deep Ass is made from Dual-density PureSkin. Thus, it feels just like the real thing. Simply lubricate the inside and insert your erect penis into the opening. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the most authentic feel you could imagine. This heavy-duty, two-toned masturbator puts you or your partner in control. Therefore, ensuring the job gets done right, each and every time.

Grippers are a great introduction to male masturbation sex toys. This particular version has an anal opening with a textured sleeve inside. Grippers are designed more for sucking and a great addition to any guy’s toy collection. It is also way more fun than just using your hand, if you are using it alone.

Finally, clean the Gripper with warm water and toy cleaner. Lastly, allow your masturbator to dry completely before storing it away.

Measures: 7in or 17.75cm x 3in or 7.5cm

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